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Lucinda Parker Roberts

In August 2017, Lucinda was saved from death by a liver transplant. But before this, she had experienced 15 years of sickness after being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease at 17.

Lucinda is a campaigner for a change in the law to presumed consent and increased education about organ transplants in schools. She has written two childrens books, and one novel which she is looking to publish through Crowdfunding this year.

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Dating Post-Transplant

Dating Post-Transplant

Dating post-transplant can be challenging. Not only are we battling the confusion of the tech of dating apps and multiple conversations, but if we don’t present ourselves as ‘ideal candidates’ in those first few messages, we will be be unmatched or blocked. On top of that, if we do get as far as starting to see someone regularly, we will be thwarted by our health and the resulting lifestyles dictated by our health condition that we lead, in terms of trying to see and get to know someone better.

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Blocked – Blocked on Social Media

Blocked – Blocked on Social Media

Getting ‘blocked’ is never nice, but what if you are in recovery? Cognitively impaired, and sometimes struggle with understanding social situations?
That’s something I live with – but also the horrible realisation that I can’t go back in time and heal the wounds I might have caused when as a sick person I wasn’t in my right mind.

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Crowdfunding has started!

Crowdfunding has started!

This year I am crowdfunding to raise money to get my first children’s book, ‘Lucy’s Liver Transplant – A Story About Organ Donation’ into print. It is currently available on the Kindle and translated into eight languages; it’s my way of trying to improve education about organ donation and also, in a small way, to pay tribute to my organ donor and her family. 

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By Lucinda Parker Roberts

Lucy’s Liver Transplant

Children’s Book

Organ transplants are something most children will never encounter. But when they do, discussing this sensitive subject can be overwhelming, but with this beautifully illustrated storybook you will be transplanted to another world where organs come to life and will explain why Lucy needs such an amazing transplant.

“A beautifully crafted story helping to explain the complexities of organ donation to a young audience.”

Other Books

The Greatest Gift

A magical story that helps to explain

the importance of organ donation

in everyday life.

Save A Life

My life was saved by a stranger – who I can never thank.
Change a life today by becoming an organ donor.

In Your Hands

Your life is yours to live…

Until it is taken away from you in a

diagnosis which will shape every choice you make.

“Gut-wrenching honesty makes you sit back

and evaluate whether your organs

should be donated so that they can save lives”


Speaking At Events

Speaking At Events

In non-pandemic conditions Lucinda is available to speak at schools to share her story and talk about how her books came about. 

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In 2019 she visited Prior’s Field, her old school and spoke to the girls about what it was like to receive a life changing diagnosis and be on the organ transplant waiting list.

“Lucinda is an old girl of Prior’s Field and we were delighted to welcome her back to school. She shared the story of her amazing journey of sickness and recovery with our pupils in an honest and heartfelt way. As a fellow transplant recipient, sharing positive messages about transplant successes is so important to the education of our young people.  Lucinda also explained the organ donation system, addressed the stigma of thinking about our own mortality and certainly left our pupils with lots to think about and debate. A truly inspiring talk and I recommend that all schools take a bold step and bring this subject to the attention of their students.”

Andrew Taylor, Deputy Head, Prior’s Field School.

Coming Soon!

Available Aug 16, 2019

My Life In Your Hands

At 17, I was told I had an incurable disease, would never be able to have children, drink alcohol or get life insurance. By 30, my doctor said I would need a liver transplant or be dead. I walked out the door and decided if my liver was broken a few stiff drinks and some hardcore partying wouldn’t make much difference. So began a journey from Surrey to San Francisco and Singapore, from bars and wild parties, underground clubs to meditation retreats. I travelled a life path with the knowledge at the end of the day, my life wasn’t in my hands, but instead, the death of a stranger.  Only an organ transplant would save me – but for that, I had to wait for someone else to die. My life was in the choice a stranger would make to join the organ donor register. If they chose that at all.

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Lucinda Parker Roberts

This wasn’t the first time I had come close to the edge though. Depression and mental illness have been part of my battle and journey to survive, after being given a life-altering diagnosis at 17. Read More

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